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Crystal clear

The system goes way beyond
standard skin resurfacing treatments
for both the face and body.
Crystal Clear works by delivering a
controlled stream of micronised
crystals which remove skin cells layer
by later. The result - skin is instantly
smooth & fresh with lines & wrinkles
plumped out. Crystal Clear also works
on scars & pigmentation marks.
                                      1 hr.   £35.00
                                     1/2 hr. £20.00

Non surgical Face Lifting

Lack of collagen & elastin fibres within
the skin are responsible for the
ageing process. A structured 6 stage
anti-ageing treatment which encourages
cellular renewal & the skins ability
to reproduce collagen & elastin fibres.
Toning facial muscles & visibly improving
fine lines & wrinkles, whilst slowing
down the ageing process.
                                   11/4 hr. £35.00

Purakis (detox facial)

A unique facial that not only deep
cleanses & removes umpurities,
this 3 phase treatment removes
the build up of toxins within the
skin, eliminating congestion as
well as introducing active ingredients
into the skin, leaving you with a
bright, radiant complexion.
                                   11/4 hr. £35.00
Skin Enhancement

A facial developed for the younger skin
improves circulation, decongests &
purifies the skin. Refines open pores
and fine lines, ionises and nourishing
substances into the skin.
                                  1 1/4 hr. £30.00

Delux Lifting Facial

To be taken as a one-off, ideal for that
special occasion. Non-surgical face
lifting set on a higher intensity to
produce an instant effect.
Including in this treatment is a
quick lifting ampule which is ionised
into the skin as well as a quick
lifting masque for an instant result.
                                  11/2 hr. £38.00

Super Delux Facial

The ultimate facial combining 2 of the
best ever facials all at once. Choose
from crystal peeling or purakis detox
facial to deeply cleanse the skin, whilst
the non-surgical lifting facial will gently
tone and lift the muscles of the face.
A truly spectacular result.
                                      2hrs. £50.00

Relaxing Facial

A relaxing facial which gently cleanses
the skin & improves circulation. Your
face, neck & shoulders are massaged
which alleviates the guild up of stress,
after which a masque is applied to leave
your skin radiant.
                                       1hr. £27.00




Eye Treatments

Enhance your eyes to look naturally perfect.

Eyelash tint £6.50
Eyelash & eyebrow tint £8.00
Eyebrow tint £4.00
Eyebrow shape £4.00

Eyelash Perm

Discard those curlers, perming is an
effective way to have permanently
curly lashes. (lasts 2-3 months)

Eye Rejuvenation

A one hour treatment dedicated to the
eye area. Consists of Crystal
peeling which reduces pigmentation,
lymphatic drainage which helps
eliminate puffiness and detoxifies
the eye area, perfector lifting &
firming to ravage the signs of age.
To compliment this treatment we
have also included an eye masque to
soothe tired eyes.        


Make Up

Over 10 years experience in Bridal &
Special Occasion make overs.
Bridget has worked regularly with
the newspaper, doing beauty
makeovers and catwalk shows.        



(Please ask about our Bridal packages)

Semi Permanent Make-Up

Fed up with your make-up smudging?
Do you have to re-apply
make-up throughout the day? Maybe
you suffer facial hair loss &
would like your eyebrows to stay
permanent. With semi-permanent
make-up you can! It can last for up to 6
years & look totally natural.
Upper eyeliner ........................£POA  
Eyebrows .................................£POA
lower eyeliner .........................£POA  
Lip liner ....................................£POA 

A. Tropez Tanning

For a natural all over tan without the
damaging effect of exposure to
UV rays. Includes all over exfoliation.                    

                                              1 hr. £30.00

Airbrush Tanning

Instant and quick - perfect for those on the go!
                                           1/2 hr. £15.00

* exfoliation, hair removal and moisturising must be done 24hrs
   prior to all tanning treatments




The Dermalogica Prescription Facial

This treatment forms the foundation of
Dermalogica's selection of services.
This treatment is truly revolutionary
because it is customised, at every
step,by the skin therapist, based on
the face mapping analysis. The
treatment will be unique to each
individual client by using Dermalogica's
unique botanical mixers throughout
the step-by-step process to provide
additional benefits to the clients
skin. (To include cleanse, exfoliate,
extraction, massage, masque, tone,

                                        1hr. £30.00

Multivitamin Power Treatment

This treatment is ideal for skin
conditions effected by premature
ageing. Every step delivers potent,
skin repairing vitamins to help repair
damaged skin while alleviating it's
symptoms. Also included is a vitamin
recovery masque which will improve
the skins elasticity, tone and texture.       

                                       1hr. £35.00

Medicated Clearing Treatment

This treatment is the ultimate in acne
management because it targets current
blemishes while helping to prevent
future breakouts.
                                      1hr. £35.00

Contour Facial

A complete prescription facial with the
added benefits of the contour
masque which firms and tones the
skin whilst cooling and soothing the

                                      1hr. 33.00

Environmental Control Treatment

Even the most environmentally
sensitised clients will benefit
from this incredibly soothing,
skin protecting treatment.
If your skin is looking red,
inflamed, feeling itchy,
then this is the treatment for you.  
                                    1hr. £30.00

Skin Brightening Treatment

This treatment balances areas of
uneven pigmentation from hormonal
imbalance, UV exposure and pregnancy
by helping to regulate melanin
production. Combined with proper
home-care the results can be phenomenal.           
                             30 mins £18.00
                                     1hr. £33.00

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